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Our fields of specialization


Insulation works are the main base that protects the aquariums, swimming pools, waterfalls, and fountains, and keeps the environment around them safe. This makes it the most used service we provide, as it is almost involved in all of the fields we provide.
M&A Co. is specialized in water and thermal insulation with a variety of different insulation materials, such as: cement, epoxy mortars, concrete, epoxy floorings, joint stealing, water proofing, and roof proofing. We’re the official contractor of SIKA Egypt and BODO MOLLER CHEMIE Egypt.


M&A Co. is specialized in building a variety of different swimming pools, such as: overflow, skimmers, and diving swimming pools. In addition to, providing it with the building and metal accessories such as water tanks, shotcrete, liners, and all the lightning and heating equipment.
M&A Co. also provides its clients with the post installation services. Starting from, maintenance and special services, such as: chemical waterproofing, bitumen insulation, fishing works, till we reach, marble services needed in overflow projects, and mosaic work.


We are proudly saying that we design and implement innovative aquarium designs in all sizes and shapes.
M&A Co. provides the aquariums with maintenance and all required services, such as supplying and installing acrylic panels, glass sheets, aquatic filtration designs, and maintaining the electromechanical systems.


M&A Co. is a pioneer in the creation of artificial ponds in different shapes and sizes, while applying a natural touch to it.
We provide our clients with a high quality insulation techniques, and materials. In addition to, the post installation maintenance and services.


M&A Co. is a pioneer in the creation of waterfalls with a variety of different designs, and sizes. Indoor and outdoor waterfalls are available in modern and natural raw designs.
We also provide our clients with a variety of different materials that suit all tastes, such as: acrylic, natural stone, fiberglass, and steel.


M&A Co. produces a variety of indoor and outdoor water curtains with different designs and sizes.
Upon special requests, we could add led lights, music and sound effects to the water curtain based on the client’s preference.


M&A Co. creates fountains in various designs, shapes, and sizes with a variety of different materials, such as: marble, mosaic, and acrylic.
Fountains can be designed in different styles, such as: modern contemporary, and natural. We design and implement dancing and musical fountains with optional LED lights. We also never forget to provide you with the post installation maintenance and services.


M&A Co. is specialized in the field of irrigation and landscaping in a way that saves the environment from water wasting.
M&A Co. is a contractor and distributor of NAVI Egypt, which makes us pioneers in the field of gardening designs, creating hard and soft landscapes. We also never forget to provide you with annual contracts and periodic maintenance.

interior designing

M&A Co. has a professional interior designing team, that implement different styles that suit all different tastes, starting from modern contemporary, minimal, traditional, till we reach Scandinavian designs, and so many more.
We managed to successfully satisfy our clients by designing and finishing various flats, villas, restaurants, and cafes all over Egypt.
We also include furnishing works, painting, ceramic flooring, walling mosaic, and ceramic sinks.